Angels on the breadline

Angels on the breadline

And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home--these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day


Jude 1.6

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Deleted User

I am going to say something, I hope ya'll agree...
Everyone keeps saying Satan is the world's most Ugliest thing known to mankind, but in all reality, he was God's favorite Angel, but, everyone is making him out to be so... Ugly... when he really shouldn't. Yes, he is a fallen angel, and Anne Rice has her theories, so do it.
I have witnessed first hand, good and evil. And I don't want the bad to happen again, and if I am to... Show more

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laura patricia kearney

Thanks smile,
I have a new book coming out soon here is a small sample for you,468,7704

Thanks for reading your awesome and thank you for your review
hope you enjoy all of my other free books


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Laura, I have posted the following review for this book &


This book is very thought-provoking and encourages the reader to contemplate their life and look beyond the material things surrounding them in order to appreciate it's true meaning.

It was also lovely to be able to read a few of the songs Ms. Kearney has produced with Paramount Studios. My... Show more

laura patricia kearney

Ah Chris I love ye, thank you. I have new short collections on my profile here, a lot newer than angels on the breadline, I wrote that ten years ago, my new stuff is metamorphosis, sober rated at 33,hurt for love, the fifth horseman and some others, thanks Chris. P.s I won't be... Show more


Although, I have amended the last few words at Amazon to read 'by the media' I'm still impressed, Laura. Please, keep us updated.


PS I have a very, very long 'to read' list, but I am determined to find time to read a couple more of your books.

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This is my review and reflection for Angels on The Breadline. Your book helped me realized how much I have changed mentally spiritually and emotionally. I wanted to know was heaven real and what was blocking me from realizing that life is beautiful and full of joy. I accepted that if we want peace we have to really want it, and we all have our own time to let it all go.

I’ve done some terrible things too and put all the blame... Show more

laura patricia kearney

Thank you malach for your insightful review I'm glad you got something positive from this book , thank you so much


you are always welcome, you worked hard so you deserve it!

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