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Preston Child asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.


In this historical story, the author allows his faithful readers a hot insight into the darkness of a medieval village.

Apart from her name, sixteen-years-old Demine Ravenheart lives a normal and average life, however, one day during a hairdresser’s visit, she overhears a conversation of two old ladies and learns that she has a medieval namesake. From that moment on, this legend attracts the young girl and put her under a spell, a deadly spell that takes her into the dark area of the witch-burnings. Can Demine escape her destiny?


This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and co-incidental.


A poem



Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Publication Date: 05-16-2022
ISBN: 978-3-7554-1395-0

All Rights Reserved

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