BookRix Code of Conduct


Legal liabilities

Each BookRix user commits himself not to violate German law with the content and form of contributions.


The user-published content (text posts, pictures, etc.) must not infringe third party rights, such as copyrights, brand names or trademarks. We reserve the right to delete copyrighted text, images and other contents.

Freedom of speech/opinion

If any of these rules are violated, then the rule of free speech can be restricted by a moderator. The decision is at the discretion of the moderator.

Explicitly not allowed are

  • sedition
  • racist and extremist content
  • Content that violates human dignity
  • Pornographic and adult content of any kind
  • Content that violates any applicable law
  • Content that include threats (also implicitly)

Use of BookRix

Multiple Account

Users are allowed to have multiple accounts on BookRix only for the purpose of separating different pseudonyms. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts for the purpose of manipulating votings and competitions (no matter if they are held by BookRix or by third parties). Accounts used this way will be banned without warning.

Blocking of accounts

It is forbidden to reregister with a different name when BookRix blocks a user.


Every user can upload a profile picture. The following are not allowed:

  • Pictures of violence
  • Pictures of naked children
  • Pictures with sexual content

Linking to your homepage in your profile

You may only link to valid websites in your profile. We reserve the right to remove invalid links from the profile page, without informing the user.

Behavior on BookRix


We emphasize respectful and friendly manners in the community.

New members

Support new members to quickly integrate them and make them feel at home.


Insults and any kind of rude behavior are not allowed.

Action when violating the rules

Any violation of the rules may be punished. Decisions on punishment (warning, lock) are at the discretion of the administration. The platform operator reserves the right to refuse access to the forum temporarily or permanently without giving a reason.


Complaints about rule violations have to be sent to the moderators or to BookRix via email or private message (PM). The complaints must not be posted in the groups, profiles or book postings.

Group postings

Writing a post

The postings in public BookRix groups are accessible to everyone. Posts that are not intended for the public, should be avoided.

Content of posts

The operators of the community are not responsible for any postings or messages.

Publication of private messages (PM)

The publication of private messages without the expressed consent of the author is not permitted on BookRix.

Repetition of topics

The repetition of the topics in the group should be avoided.

Classify posts thematically

Contributions are to be made in the appropriate group on the subject.


Quotations should be clearly marked as such. The citation and publishing of posts outside the BookRix community without the express permission of the author is prohibited.

Linking to external sites

Linking to external sites is permitted. The respective website operators are responsible for the contents of the linked sites. External links will be immediately removed if they violate the law or the BookRix Code of Conduct.

Deletion of posts

The operator of the community reserves the right to change or delete posts without giving any reasons.



Any kind of commercial advertising is prohibited.


Spam posts are not allowed and will be removed. The following posts are considered as spam:

  • Posts with meaningless content
  • Threads created multiple times with the same content
  • Crossposts (posts with the same content in different areas)
  • "Push-posts" (posts that under false pretense push own or others' work)


The exception of the rule

In individual cases, which are not covered by the rules presented here, the moderators decide based on the available facts.

Changes to the rules

BookRix reserves the right to extend the rules at any time or to change the rules.

We have given much thought to the creation of these guidelines and hope that this will make you have more fun with BookRix. If you have questions about our policies, you can also tell us by sending an email to

The BookRix Team

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